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Top Ten Tuesday (10/16/2012)

Over at The Broke and The Bookish Kelly posted her Top Ten Favorite Historical Fiction and Fantasy Authors because this week’s theme “lets you choose your favorite authors in a specific genre, be it sci-fi, romance, nonfiction….anything that strikes your fancy! This should be VERY easy!” Since it is October and the theme this week is top ten genre […]

All Hallow’s Read – 13 Classic Horror

The Monk: A Romance (1796) by Matthew Gregory Lewis Faust (1808) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley Stories (early to mid 1800s) by Edgar Allan Poe In a Glass Darkly (1872) by Sheridan Le Fanu The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson The Picture of […]

All Hallow’s Read – 13 Horror Stories for Teen Readers

The Girl has graduated to the young adult section of the public library.  I pretty much give her unfettered access there.  Soon when she moves to the adult section I am going to have to go back to checking books for appropriateness. But right now she reads all kinds of books found in YA.  Her […]

All Hallow’s Read – 13 Graphic Novels

My love for graphic novels is recent.  I think I picked up The Sandman after reading American Gods, so I would place it about 2004-ish. Since then I have read much of what I have found interesting in the public library’s collection while slowly collecting the series which I want to read over and over, […]

All Hallow’s Read Week here in WV

Regular readers might know about my tiny little obsession with Neil Gaiman. He is all things wonderful and my top ten favorite book list could be all Gaiman all the time if I was honest. He is a staunch supporter of many things which earn even more respect from me such as Open Rights Group […]

Hallowe’en Books, Day 2

Today’s book is the fabulous Scary Godmother. My youngest, the one I refer to as The Wee One, is not an avid reader.  She doesn’t have the bug.  I am not sure why.  I have some theories, but really, since she can read and can read above her grade level I am trying hard not […]

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