What Flips a Switch?

Squeaking into Thursday by the skin of my teeth, I am thinking about Little B this week. A few weeks ago I talked about The Girl and how much she reads and how much that is something we share. But Little B is different.

She has never liked to read. Now she loves being read to. She will let me or her Dad or even (sometimes) her sister read to her for large spans of time. But the actually work of reading she has never enjoyed.

The funny thing is she is good at it. She is not crazy good like her sister but she reads about 4 grade levels above where she is. But she prefers easy reading, picture books and graphic novels, and truth be told until about 4 weeks ago getting her to read was like pulling teeth. Her school really emphasizes reading and has a strong AR (Accelerated Reader) program. But getting her to her goals was agony and get her to the triple she needed to get to the end of the year party was even worse.

About 4 weeks ago something changed and I am not sure what. I wish I knew. I wish I could figure out why she suddenly wants to read. But a switch flipped. Is it that this year in school the AR goals are personalized? Maybe, but she met her 6 week goal already and is still giving up recess for reading and testing. Or is it that she got a distinguished on her standardized NCLB reading test? Outside validation might be what she needed. Is it her teacher this year, who told me that she was going to nudge her to read bigger and better? Or is it the fact that in the beginning of September she started gymnastics. It is something she has wanted to do for a long time and that she loves and appears to be good at. Is it her finding something that is hers allowing her to be able to share the thing that is completely her sisters?

Honestly, I don’t know or really even care all that much. I am just so glad that reading is no longer drudgery for ½ of the youngest members of the West Virginia Red House.

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