Thoughts on a Thursday

So this week, and last week, I have been reading some very popular reads. I will get around to reviewing them once my reviews are up and chugging along but I am feeling let down.

The one I am currently working on is a 7 day book for the local library which means there are so many people currently who have placed it on hold they will only allow me to keep it 7 days. So I have put everything else on hold to push my way through this and that is what I feel like I am doing.  I feel like I am slogging.  The one before I liked but the only time I was really on fire was the moment when the title reveal occurred.

I have been thinking a lot about why.  What is is about these books which is making them seem so, well, dull. These are both classified as regular fiction not Young Adult.  Has reading so much Young Adult changed my expectations about exciting story lines? I hope not.  There are still too many good fiction books and classic literature reads that I want to finish that I hope this is not the case.

Is it the hype fail factor? With everyone talking about you can’t help but be disappointed once you finally get your hands on the book, right? I am not sure that is always the case. I can easily point to The Magicians by Lev Grossman and The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa as examples to the contrary.

Or is it as simple as “not my cuppa?” Do these stories just not engage me the way they have everyone else? And what do I do with that?  Do I keep slogging? Or do I put it aside and maybe miss the part which comes 100 pages from the end which makes it all worth reading?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. It really depends on the hype. If it’s a recommendation from a friend, I keep at it for a couple hundred more pages. Then I call them and say, “why am I reading this book again”. If it’s because some unnamed blog-o-spheric conglomerate is generating hype, then I usually just give up and return it back to the library.

        1. Those two got so much good hype, I kept on going thinking I was either missing something or there was something coming that was going to wow me. Sadly, neither was the case. A lot more often I just put it down. There is, to be cliche, so many books and so little time, to waste on being bored.

  2. Well…brace yourself for a rant…there is a theory in current library practice that there are no good/bad books, only the right book for the right person at the right time. While I’m not entirely on board with the no bad books idea, I can definitely see why some people enjoy a book while others do not. You can call it appeal factors or doorways, but there are certain elements in books that draw people, and everyone is different. I am drawn by ornate language, dark, menacing or gothic atmosphere, landscape details, literary books, and unhurried pacing among other aspects. I repelled by fast pace, easy reading level, comic or hopeful atmospheres, candy-reads, etc. My guess is that book didn’t fit your personal appeal elements, a least for right now.

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